Upper Limb

A vast range of Upper Limb products to enhance
your operating experience. From arthroplasty
of a PIP to multiple options for fixation of a distal
radius fracture to anotomically designed plates
for clavicle surgery, LMT products
can support most pathologies.

Lower Limb

Zero profile construct designs for foot fusions,
a versitile range of implants for all ankle injuries,
a bone graft that has antibacterial properties.
LMT has a varied portfolio of products
to support foot and ankle surgeons.


Providing time saving and efficient
alternatives for suturing anastomoses,
nerve sheaths that offer high flexibility and
comfortable suturing as well as a 100%
synthetic bioresorbable material that can be
used in a variety of soft tissue surgery
applications. LMTs Plastic portfolio is
designed to achieve the best outcomes
for clinicians and their patients.